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Special exhibition


Studio asisi and the NFT Club Berlin present a two-week special exhibition at the asisi Panorama Berlin: "BETWEEN WORLDS, Old Walls – New Art" shows digital works of young artists in the accompanying exhibition to the Panorama of Divided Berlin by Yadegar Asisi starting 1 October, 2022 at the asisi Panorama Berlin. Discover a wide variety of wall art, contemporary works and NFTs in an exhibition venue steeped in history right at Checkpoint Charlie.

1 October to 14 October, 2022

Admission to the special exhibition included in the normal ticket


The regular events of the NFT Club Berlin unite artists, collectors, enthusiasts and the tech scene in their enthusiasm for NFTs and culture. On 30 September, the Meetup will take place for the first time at the asisi Panorama Berlin as part of the exhibition opening of BETWEEN WORLDS.

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Limited to 250 people

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