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Tour of discovery

What did it feel like to live in the divided city of Berlin back then? What were the day-to-day lives of the people of West Berlin like? Why did Yadegar Asisi create the Panorama THE WALL?

Having being introduced to the topic, after the guided tour you will then have a chance to look at the Panorama yourself. The guided tour can also be offered as an open dialogue, all questions are welcome.


We offer all guided tours as standard in German and English, and can offer other languages upon request..

No. of participants

Max. 20 people per guided tour



45 minutes incl. time in the premises / viewing the Panorama



Adult groups:
50 euros, in a foreign language 60 euros


School groups:
30 euros, in a foreign language 40 euros


Bookings at

+49 (0) 30.695 80 86-1

In addition to the visit (with or without a guided tour), teachers can also download our worksheet free of charge for their school class.

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