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Combined offer asisi Panorama Berlin + DDR Museum


Nowhere else contemporary history can be experienced intensively and vibrantly as in Berlin. Following the motto “living history”, the DDR Museum invites you and your school class to get to know the everyday life and living conditions of the GDR. Afterwards you move on to the asisi Panorama Berlin, going there either directly or – depending on which offer you chose – within a thematic city tour.

Measuring 15 metres in height and 60 metres in circumference, the Panorama DIE MAUER shows a scene of everyday life next to the Berlin Wall on a fictitious autumn day in the 1980s.


Price and included services:


Offer 1
7,50 Euro per student     

  • entrance to both attractions

Offer 2
14,00 Euro per student

  • Entrance and guided tour DDR Museum

  • Thematic city tour (including State Council Building, SED-headquarters, Checkpoint Charlie) to asisi Panorama Berlin

  • Entrance and guided tour asisi Panorama Berlin

Please note: This offer can only be booked for school classes.



The bookings are made via the DDR Museum:
Tel: 030 - 847 123 73 - 2
Fax: 030 - 847 123 73 - 9

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